Wastewater Annual Report 2017-2018

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GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM MAPPING Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping is a framework for gathering, managing and analyzing data. Mapping of the utility system organizes and layers a variety of information so that it can be visualized and used in the operation, maintenance and repair of the utility system. Some of the information managed includes pipe size, material type, flow direction, manholes, valves and cleaning history. VIDEO INSPECTIONS Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) or video inspections are performed in the sewer system to inspect pipelines and manholes for clogs that need to be cleared and defects that may need to be repaired. Videos are archived and compared with previous inspections to determine changes in system conditions over time. Technology plays an important and ever-increasing role in the operation and management of Cary's utility infrastructure. Implementing technology-based solutions helps us keep pace with the advancement of utility operations, deliver our services efficiently and provide sustainable operations to improve the quality of life in our community. TECHNOLOGY BEING USED AND DEVELOPED INCLUDE THESE HIGHLIGHTED TOOLS THAT HELP US MAINTAIN ONE OF THE BEST UTILITIES IN NORTH CAROLINA.

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