Wastewater Annual Report 2017-2018

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It has been an especially momentous year for Cary's wastewater utility. Within the last fiscal year (FY 2018 — July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018), our three water reclamation facilities became charter members of the American Water Works Association's Partnership for Clean Water. The Partnership is dedicated to self-assessment, optimization and continuous improvement of long-term wastewater collection and treatment operations. This new program for wastewater utilities is very similar to the Partnership for Safe Water program that Cary has participated in for 14 years with our drinking water utility. Our wastewater system, or what is often called the sewer system, is an extensive network of approximately 980 miles of pipelines and 40 wastewater pumping stations. Our system has captured and conveyed more than 6.2 billion gallons of wastewater without losing more than a tiny fraction of a percentage to overflows or spills. Our water reclamation facilities have also performed exceptionally well with no state or federal violations occurring during the reporting period while consistently removing organic materials and nutrients from wastewater. We are very proud to report that highly treated water returned to creeks and streams from our treatment facilities is noticeably cleaner than the water in the streams. The nutrients recovered from wastewater treatment are heat dried and made into Class A, Exceptional Quality biosolids pellets. Our high-quality biosolids are beneficially reused for soil conditioning and nutrients to improve soils in agribusiness applications. We also recover a portion of the treated water from our facilities to provide high-quality reclaimed water for irrigation, cooling towers and numerous other reuse applications. Our report highlights technology involved in delivering our high- quality service for our community. Leveraging technology is essential to wastewater utility operations as we work to shape the future as outlined in the Cary Community Plan. We invite you to study this report and learn how well Cary's wastewater system is meeting the needs of the future to protect the environment with sustainable wastewater services. Jamie Revels, P.E. Director of Utilities

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