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PART TWO HALF DAY CAMPS 54 REGISTER ONLINE: Special Interests Birds, Beasts & Beyond: Earth Explorations (age 5–9) Explore conservation for our good ship Earth! Take a walk on the wild side of science and discover what adversely affects our planet. Learn how animals are camouflaged and go on the hunt for scents and tracks. Location: Middle Creek Community Center Instructor: Mad Science Fees: $149(R) $179(N) (5 classes) 123276 Mon–Fri Jul 8–12 1–4 p.m. T4 Understanding the Human Body (age 5–10) Dress up like a doctor and explore the world of medicine! Discover how the body and organs work, how to use medical instruments, administer first aid, and tie knots like a surgeon. Take home a working stethoscope and a diploma as a graduate of the Little Medical School. Location: Middle Creek Community Center Instructor: Little Medical School Inc. Fees: $145(R) $175(N) (5 classes) 123313 Mon–Fri Jul 8–12 1–4 p.m. T4 Location: Herbert C. Young Community Center Fees: $145(R) $175(N) (5 classes) 123879 Mon–Fri Aug 5–9 9 a.m.–noon T3 Jedi Robotics (age 10–12) These are the droids your looking for! In this Jedi- themed environment, build and program robots inspired by a galaxy far, far away using the LEGO ® Mindstorms ® system. Navigate a minefield, target shield generators, and respond to the Force. Learn about mechanical and software design, loops, conditional statements, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Location: Mills Park Elementary Instructor: Play-Well TEKnologies Fees: $159(R) $189(N) (5 classes) 123514 Mon–Fri Jul 15–19 1–4 p.m. T4 Teen Crazy Action Contraptions (age 11–14) Make crazy and bizarre contraptions as you let your imagination go wild! Create complicated mechanical wonders with motors, gears, pulleys, wheels of various sizes, and tons of cool LEGO ® pieces. Learn what "crazy action" is all about! Location: Mills Park Elementary Instructor: American Robotics Academy Fees: $149(R) $179(N) (5 classes) 123398 Mon–Fri Aug 5–9 9 a.m.–noon T3 Freshman Robotics (age 11–14) Collaborate with teammates to prepare an infrared wireless robot for a variety of activity-based challenges. Each build will be followed by an elaborate or time- sensitive challenge that illustrates the need for simplicity and functionality, while demonstrating the pitfalls of complexity. Location: Mills Park Elementary Instructor: American Robotics Academy Fees: $149(R) $179(N) (5 classes) 123400 Mon–Fri Aug 5–9 1–4 p.m. T3 NEW! Lunch Supervision for Camps at Mills Park Elementary (age 4–12) We offer a one-hour supervised lunch for campers registered for both a morning and an afternoon half- day camp at Mills Park Elementary School. Campers will be escorted from their morning camp room at noon to the designated lunch area. Then, by 1 p.m., they will be taken to their afternoon camp room. Campers using any part, or all of the lunch options, are required to pay the full weekly fee. Campers provide their own lunch. Location: Mills Park Elementary Fees: $20(R) $25(N) (5 classes) 123573 Mon–Fri Jun 17–21 noon–1 p.m. 123574 Mon–Fri Jun 24–28 noon–1 p.m. 123575 Mon–Fri Jul 8–12 noon–1 p.m. 123576 Mon–Fri Jul 15–19 noon–1 p.m. 123577 Mon–Fri Jul 22–26 noon–1 p.m. 123579 Mon–Fri Jul 29–Aug 2 noon–1 p.m. 123580 Mon–Fri Aug 5–9 noon–1 p.m. PRO TIP! Pair two half day camps like Crazy Action Contraptions and Freshman Robotics (above) to make a full day camp experience! Don't forget to register for lunch supervision to bridge the gap between the two camps.

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