2018 Annual Water Quality Report

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2 0 1 8 W A T E R Q U A L I T Y R E P O R T 3 The Town invests millions of dollars each year to upgrade aging or underperforming piping and valves. The Town developed an asset management plan to focus attention and resources efficiently on the condition of these assets and replacing them as needed. DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM INFRASTRUCTURE Our water treatment facility expansion to 56 million gallons per day (mgd) was completed in 2018. Anticipating future needs, the Town completed the new Kilmayne tank in central Cary earlier this year, and our new Good Hope Church Road tank will be completed in summer 2019. Together, these two new tanks will provide four million gallons of additional water storage. During this next year, we will be rehabilitating the Maynard tank (across from Cary High School). To enhance water system resiliency, the Town and City of Raleigh are completing construction of a new emergency interconnection on Globe Road, near RDU Airport, and a second emergency interconnection with Raleigh near Crossroads is underway. MEETING DEMAND The State awarded the Town an increased water allocation from Jordan Lake based on our anticipated needs through 2045, ensuring an adequate water supply to our community. WATER SUPPLY The Town's water tanks and pipes help to maintain consistent water pressure. Because of topography, the Town's water system is divided into three pressure zones. Over the past year, the Town shifted a number of neighborhoods between Davis Drive and NC 55 from the Western Pressure Zone to the Central Pressure Zone, which increased pressure for those homes and business. The shifts were accomplished over 18 months and were completed in April 2019. SYSTEM PRESSURE WATER SYSTEM RESILIENCY The Town of Cary is committed to delivering safe, reliable, high-quality water to support our community. Here are some ways Cary enhanced water system resiliency in 2018.

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