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19 Location Artist Name Studio Name A105 Michelle Chang & Wayne Gao JM A110 Pornthep Ruangnapaporn Rainbow Spinnerz A111 Stacey Brown Fine Art by Stacey Brown A122 Kathleen Master Kathleen Master Designs A125-A126 Ginger Reuling Fly Home Birdhouses B231 Lori Wilkinson Wilkinson Enterprises B233 Anna Fleckenstein BugOut B245 Benjamin Davies B253 Marcia Streithorst MJS Works LLC B259 Michelle DeFillipo Vintage Girl Designs C313 Lani Kee Lani Kee Designs C342 Heidi Robak Scribble Garden Café D415 Don Spell D421 Patsy Gullett Collegiate Legacy D432 Jean Summers Mosaic Dreamworks D440 Michael Floyd Woodland Lampshades D446-D447 James Dupree The Tin Shed D454 Loretta Youngman D461 Julie Olson White Oak Pottery D463 Nicole Griffin Tangerinas D468 Igor Nasibyan Silhouettes by Igor Nasibyan D470 Lauren deSerres Proud Chicken Studio D476 Mary Clark Girlbage D477 Jim Goodwin Carolina Ships in Bottles D482 Kendra Runnels Kendra Studios Inc. E510 Kenneth Wilson E514 Rezgar Mamandi Manna Pottery E516 Henry Warner Alcove Fine Art PAINTING A010 Virginia Fergus Virginia Sorsby Fergus A020 Zan Thompson Zan Thompson LLC

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