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VISION Cary seeks to promote public art through site-specific and community-specific artworks that enhance the public realm, deepen a sense of place and civic idenity, stimulate community dialogue and transform Cary's public spaces into vibrant and meaningful places. Program Objectives • Enhance the quality of life for every citizen of Cary by • incorporating public art in public spaces, including • streetscapes, infrastructure, public facilities, parks, and greenways • Enrich the identity of Cary through public art that communicates the Town's unique culture, landscape, and heritage • Support economic development goals through the thoughtful inclusion of public art throughout the Town of Cary, thus promoting tourism and • expanding business opportunities • Engage all citizens of Cary in building community identity by encouraging civic spirit, local pride, and increased citizen involvement in community life Public Art Master Plan, Approved by Town of Cary Town Council, 2012

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