2019 Annual Water Quality Report

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2 2 0 1 9 W A T E R Q U A L I T Y R E P O R T CHATHAM WAKE JORDAN LAKE INTAKE LOCATION RDU AIRPORT CARY RTP MORRISVILLE CARY APEX CARY/APEX WTP DURHAM CHATHAM DURHAM WAKE ANOTHER REWARDING YEAR FOR CARY'S WATER SYSTEM Our water system and staff provided another year of exceptional service that was recognized with two significant awards: Water System of the Year by our NC Section of American Water Works Association and, for the 16th consecutive year, the Partnership for Safe Water Director's Award. Our dedicated team of water system operators takes great pride in providing excellent water quality to our citizens, which is supported by conducting over 50,000 water quality tests per year. It also takes a dedicated team to make sure our high-quality drinking water safely travels through an extensive network of pipelines to serve every tap. Cary's water distribution operators maintain over 1,000 miles of water system infrastructure and work around the clock to provide award winning water to you and approximately 200,000 citizens in our utility service area. PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE We constantly work to help ensure that Cary's water system infrastructure is ready and prepared to serve our community's current and future needs. In 2019, Cary's water system grew by approximately 20 miles of pipelines and we added a new 2-million gallon elevated water storage tank. The recently expanded Cary/Apex Water Treatment Facility now has an operational capacity of 56 million gallons per day, and an additional 6-miles of raw water pipeline were added from our water supply at Jordan Lake to improve resiliency and increase capacity. We completed a multi-year pressure zone boundary modification that improved our long-term operations and resiliency in the water distribution system. We have also been working to analyze and accurately project the amount of water our community will need in the future. In 2019, updates to the Long Range Water Resources Plan were completed and contracts were signed to secure long-term water supply allocations in Jordan Lake for the next 30-year planning horizon. SERVING THE COMMUNITY The water system is fundamental to Cary's investment in the future and we are working on multiple fronts to ensure Cary's water system infrastructure is ready and prepared to embrace the years ahead of us. While the challenges of water system operations are varied and diverse, we are working to achieve our community's vision of the future as described in Cary's Community Plan. We hope this report gives you confidence in the high quality of our water that is delivered safely and reliably to you through a well- maintained system. Jamie Revels, P.E. Director of Utilities WELCOME We are pleased to present Cary's annual Consumer Confidence Report, a description of the quality of water we deliver to our community. Even during challenging times, we work tirelessly to provide high quality, safe and reliable water services to the citizens of Cary, Morrisville, Wake County's portion of Research Triangle Park and the RDU Airport. It is our top priority. In 2019, we treated 7.7 billion gallons of drinking water — an average of 21.1 million gallons per day — that met or surpassed all regulatory requirements. We hope this report gives you confidence in the quality of water you use and consume every day.

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