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C A RY, N O RT H C A R O L I N A A N N U A L WAT E R Q U A L I T Y R E P O R T 2 0 2 2 2 WE ARE PLEASED TO PRESENT CARY'S ANNUAL CONSUMER CONFIDENCE REPORT, A DESCRIPTION OF THE QUALIT Y OF WATER WE DELIVER TO OUR COMMUNIT Y. We are honored to provide high quality, safe, and reliable water services to our community, which includes the citizens of Cary, Morrisville, Wake County's portion of Research Triangle Park, and the RDU Airport. It is our top priority. A N O T H E R V E RY R E WA R D I N G Y E A R F O R C A RY 'S WAT E R SYS T E M As we mark 100 years of water service in Cary, our water system has provided another year of exceptional service that was recognized by our colleagues and peers with awards at both the state and national levels. Our dedicated team of water system operators takes great pride in providing excellent drinking water to our citizens, supported by thousands of water quality tests conducted throughout the entire system each year. S E RV I N G T H E C O M M U N I T Y The past two years have brought substantial changes in regulatory policies, which guide how we manage our water system. Cary's staff follows EPA's guidance very closely and we always work to stay well ahead of anticipated regulatory changes. In this report, we have provided substantive updates and testing information about contaminants of emerging concern, including PFAS as well as EPA's Lead and Copper Rule Revisions. Our staff have been preparing for the newly proposed regulatory standards for several years and we are already in compliance with proposed PFAS regulations. In preparation for the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions, we are actively engaged with proactively identifying service line materials throughout Cary's water system. Our water system is fundamental to Cary's investment in the future, and we are working on multiple fronts to ensure Cary's water system infrastructure is ready and prepared to embrace the future. While the challenges of water system operations are varied and diverse, we are working to achieve our community's vision of the future as described in Cary's Community Plan. We hope this report gives you confidence in the high quality of our water that is delivered safely and reliably to you through a well-maintained system. Jamie Revels, P.E. Director of Utilities W E L C O M E

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