Creating Active Retirement Years - Fall 2015

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24 September-December 2015 Cary Senior Center Education Educational Seminars Learn about community resources, interesting topics and elder issues through these informational seminars. Information given in these lectures offered by the Cary Senior Center is professional opinion of the speaker and is not intended to be the sole informational resource on this topic. The Cary Senior Center encourages you to pursue additional outside professional opinions pertaining to the seminar content. AGRITOURISM IN THE CAROLINA'S How Carolina Farm Stewardship grows local and organic food systems in North and South Carolina. CFSA's education coordinator, Leah Joyner, will join us for an introduction to the work CFSA does to affect policy, build food systems and work directly with farmers to bring you food you can trust from a farmer who shares your cause. Location: Classroom 302 86888 Wed Sep 2 1-2 p.m. MIDDLE EAST VS. WESTERN WORLD: ROOTS OF THE CULTURE GAP Why did Western gains from the Renaissance/ Enlightenment period prove more long lasting than Arab/Ottoman Golden Age? What were effects from power sharing, social mobility, humanism, religion, tolerance, tradition? Discover how culture gaps plus 20th and 21st century modernity effect current events. Location: Classroom 302 Instructor: Kevin Richards (11 classes) 86886 Mon Sep 14-Nov 23 5:30- 7 p.m. FREE! FREE! A Musical History Learn about the history of music, a treasure of civilization! From ancient flutes in caves to lullabies, marches and sweet interludes. This multi-part series is divided into 1 hour sessions focusing on periods and moments throughout history. Location: Classroom 302 Fees: $5(R) $7(N) (per class) Instructor: George Wade Carmichael IN THE BEGINNING 87059 Mon Sep 21 11 a.m.-noon EARLY STIRRINGS 87060 Mon Oct 26 11 a.m.-noon GETTING ORGANIZED 87061 Mon Nov 16 11 a.m.-noon A RENAISSANCE OF NOTE 87062 Mon Dec 21 11 a.m.-noon How to Make Retirement (and Life) Even Better! "Life is not about age, it's about attitude." The Golden Age you've been waiting for is finally here...but is it going as well as you'd like? Find out how this special time in your life can be an exciting revelation, energizing you and opening doors to new perspectives activities and creativity you'd never dreamed possible. In this class you will determine a snapshot of where you are today and create goals for helping you live with purpose. First two sessions will be with the group and then you will schedule a private one-on-one session with the instructor on November 10. Location: Conference Room Instructor: Bethany Singer Fees: $17(R) $22(N) (3 classes) 86879 Tue Oct 20-Nov 3 9:30-11:30 a.m.

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