Cary Community Plan 1-18-2017 Part 2

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CHAPTER 6:SHAPE ADOPTED BY CARY TOWN COUNCIL NOVEMBER 10, 2016 RELATED POLICY DIRECTION IN OTHER CHAPTERS Live: Fostering Strong Neighborhoods Work: Assuring Continued Prosperity Shop: Creating Vibrant Destinations Engage: Experiencing the Cary Community Move: Providing Transportation Choices Serve: Meeting Community Needs Policy #2: Provide More Housing Choices for All Residents Policy #3: Provide for More Housing Op ons in New Neighborhoods Policy #4: Provide the Greatest Variety of Housing Op ons in Mixed Use Centers Policy #5: Support Residen al Development on Infill and Redevelopment Sites Policy #5: Support Residen al Development on Infill and Redevelopment Sites Policy #6: Encourage and Support the Provision of Affordable Dwellings Policy #1: Grow A Sustainable and Diversifying Workforce Policy #2: Enhance Loca onal Appeal to Businesses and Workers Policy #3: Retain and Grow Exis ng Cary Businesses Policy #4: Diversify Cary's Economy Policy #5: A ract New, High Value Businesses Policy #8: Support the Loca onal Needs of New and Expanding Firms Policy #10: Reserve and Provide Employment Sites in Selected Commercial Mixed Use and Des na on Centers Policy #12: Transform Selected Office Parks into Employment Mixed Use Centers Policy #1: Facilitate Redevelopment of Underperforming Shopping Centers Policy #2: Focus Commercial Uses within Mixed-Use Centers Policy #3: Support the Development of a Limited Number of Des na on Centers Parks, Recrea on & Cultural Resources Master Plan Goals #4, #7 Public Art Master Plan Vision Policy #1: Ensure Safety for All Users and Modes Policy #2: Apply Mul modal Street Designs Policy #3: Design Transporta on Infrastructure to Address Land Use Context Policy #4: Focus Investments on Improving Connec ons and Closing Gaps Policy #5: Minimize Thoroughfare Widths Policy #6: Improve Pedestrian and Bicycle Crossings Policy #7: Target Transit Investments Policy #8: Ensure a Well-Maintained System Policy #1: Provide Affordable and High Quality Public Services and Facili es for Current and Future Genera ons Policy #11: Support Expansive and Cu ng-Edge Informa on Technology Infrastructure Shape: Guiding Community Growth in Eastern Cary Gateway This plan has been organized to address specific topics in specific chapters; however, the policies listed throughout this plan are very much interrelated. Listed here are the policies included in other plan chapters that relate to the Town's policies on Eastern Cary Gateway. 136

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