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Pipe Dashboard WHY Asset Management plays a key role in helping the Town provide high quality utility and stormwater service while minimizing risk and cost to our citizens. STATE OF OUR INFRASTRUCTURE GOAL A proactive approach to managing the Town's buried infrastructure in order to improve reliability, reduce risk, optimize O&M efforts, and increase GIS accuracy. PLAN Work has begun on a Buried Infrastructure Asset Management Plan that will serve as the blueprint and roadmap for the Town's asset management efforts for water, wastewater, stormwater, and reclaimed water moving into the future. A draft version of this Plan is anticipated to be complete by September 2017. WATER - Decade Installed STORM - Decade Installed Sewer Storm Water Reclaimed 1000 Miles Total 1100 Miles Total 600 Miles Total 66 Miles Total (270 Miles Town) (250 Miles Private) (80 Miles NCDOT) DIP is the ideal type of material for water pipes. RCP is the ideal material for storm pipes. DIP/PVC are ideal materials for reclaimed pipes. PVC is the ideal type of material for sewer pipes.

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