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PART TWO HALF DAY CAMPS 34 REGISTER ONLINE: Culinary Sweet Cake Decorating (age 7–10) Make your own chef hat! Then, decorate cupcakes in a floral design, paint cookies with royal icing, make a garden full of fondant vegetables, build an edible bird house complete with a bird, and more! All projects go home with you each day. Location: Middle Creek Community Center Instructor: Nancy Chinnock Fees: $149(R) $179(N) (4 classes) 112671 Tue–Fri Jul 10–13 9 a.m.–noon T4 Foods Around the World (age 7–10) Join Chef Laura and cook up something good from three different countries! Not only will you prepare and enjoy the food, but you will also learn about the country, its food, and basic nutrition. Location: Herbert C. Young Community Center Instructor: Laura Gnewuch Fees: $105(R) $135(N) (3 classes) 112517 Wed–Fri Jun 13–15 9 a.m.–noon T1 112515 Wed–Fri Jun 13–15 1–4 p.m. T1 Fees: $185(R) $205(N) (5 classes) 112994 Mon–Fri Aug 13–17 1–4 p.m. T3 Candy Making Fun (age 11–17) Master the fun of making old fashioned taffy, hard candy and more by using fun ingredients like caramel, marshmallow and chocolate! It will be a sweet time! Location: Herbert C. Young Community Center Instructor: Maggie Witter Fees: $69(R) $89(N) (2 classes) 112872 Tue, Thu Jul 17–19 1–4 p.m. T4 BLUEGRASS SONGWRITING Campers will learn about song craft by listening to bluegrass songs, generating song ideas, developing lyrics, and exploring melody and chords to create and arrange an original group song for final performance. Students with songwriting experience will be encouraged to think critically about technique. For all levels of songwriting experience. Instructor: Lynda Dawson 112789 Mon–Fri Jun 18–22 9 a.m.–noon T1 112790 Mon–Fri Jun 18–22 1–4 p.m. T1 BLUEGRASS GUITAR Learn new tunes this summer! Whether you are starting to explore the guitar or have played for a while, this camp will inspire you. Improve your guitar technique alongside peers with a similar interest in bluegrass music. We will work up a bluegrass arrangement or two for performance. Instructor: Charles Pettee 112791 Mon–Fri Jun 18–22 1–4 p.m. T1 INTERMEDIATE BLUEGRASS FIDDLE For campers who have mastered basic fiddle skills (can tune their instruments, keep time, play the principal scales) and already play a few tunes with confidence. Class will challenge campers at their own skill level. We will prepare a bluegrass arrangement or two for the final performance. Instructor: Pattie Kinlaw 112793 Mon–Fri Jun 18–22 1–4 p.m. T1 A participant wishing to withdrawal from a camp that has not been canceled by the Town must request to be withdrawn at least fourteen (14) calendar days before the first day of the camp. The participant will receive, at the discretion of the participant, either an account credit or a refund less a 15% service fee. See page 78 for details. REFUNDS/WITHDRAWALS Supervised Lunch for Page- Walker Arts & History Center Half Day Camps (age 8–17) The Town of Cary is offering one-hour supervised lunch for students in half day camps at the Page- Walker Arts & History Center. Campers using any part of the supervised lunch pay for the full week. Campers enrolled in full day camps do not need to enroll in supervised lunch. Campers must provide their own lunch. Campers will not be escorted to or from other facilities. Instructor: Page-Walker Staff Fees: $15(R) $18(N) 112806 Mon–Fri Jun 11–15 noon–1 p.m. T1 112807 Mon–Fri Jun 18–22 noon–1 p.m. T1 112808 Mon–Fri Jun 25–29 noon–1 p.m. T1 112809 Mon–Fri Jul 9–13 noon–1 p.m. T4 112810 Mon–Fri Jul16–20 noon–1 p.m. T4 112811 Mon–Fri Aug 6–10 noon–1 p.m. T3 112812 Mon–Fri Aug 13–17 noon–1 p.m. T3

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