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PART TWO HALF DAY CAMPS 38 REGISTER ONLINE: Nature Education Discovery Days (age 5–12) Where has all the time gone? Sometimes we just want to hike farther, delve deeper, or create a bigger, better project. These camps give children the chance to get to know each other, their instructor, and nature preserve plants and animals a little better. Location: Stevens Nature Center/Hemlock Bluffs, unless noted otherwise Fees: $54(R) $68(N) (3 classes) BOOTS IN THE CREEK (age 5–7) Join us as we spend time in the streams and pools of the nature preserve seeking out wildlife adventures. 111948 Tue–Thu Jun 12–14 10 a.m.–1 p.m. T1 NATURE ADVENTURES AT MILLS PARK (age 5–7) Explore areas around Mills Park looking for unique plants and animals. Meets at Mills Park Elementary School. 111950 Tue–Thu Jun 26–28 9 a.m.–noon T1 DIG INTO FOSSILS? (age 5–7) We'll be searching for fossils, rocks and minerals. Find out if you have what it takes to be a digger! 111949 Mon, Tue, Thu Jul 2, 3, 5 10 a.m.–1 p.m. TO NATURE ADVENTURES AT BOND PARK (age 8–12) Each day we'll explore the woods and creeks of Bond Park in search of unique plants and animals. Meets at Bond Park Boathouse. 111951 Tue–Thu Jul 10–12 10 a.m.–1 p.m. T4 CREATURES OF THE CREEK (AGE 8–12) Trek into remote areas of the preserve to seek out frogs, fish, snakes and more! Each day will be a new wildlife adventure. 111952 Mon–Wed Jul 16–18 1–4 p.m. T4 KID VS WILD (age 8–12) Join in the excitement that roaming in woods and creeks creates. This camp will be your chance to challenge your wild side! 111953 Mon–Wed Aug 20–22 10 a.m.–1 p.m. T2 History & Heritage All courses take place at Page-Walker Arts & History Center unless otherwise noted. Herb Fairies (age 7–11) Herb Fairies is your doorway to learning about the natural world and the heritage of using herbs in everyday life. Explore Page-Walker's Kratzer Educational Garden while you learn about culinary, medicinal, and artistic uses of the herbs in our own gardens. Strengthen reading, writing, creativity, and have lots of fun! Instructor: Maggie Witter Fees: $149(R) $179(N) (5 classes) 112614 Mon–Fri Jun 25–29 1–4 p.m. T1 Discovering Model Trains (age 10–14) Learn how to create model railroad layouts and make your own! This camp covers design, construction, and decoration, and includes field trips to a hobby shop and Cary's train depot. A basic N-gauge train set is included in registration. Pair with Traditional Board & Card Games or another morning camp for a full-day experience. Instructor: Bryan Craddock Fees: $150(R) $180(N) (5 classes) 112589 Mon–Fri Aug 13–17 1–4 p.m. T3 Traditional Lawn Games (age 10–16) Bored with video games? Join us for traditional lawn games like kickball, croquet, bocci, corn hole, ladder ball, and more! Combine this camp with Traditional Board & Card Games or another afternoon camp for a full-day experience. Instructor: Bryan Craddock Fees: $70(R) $90(N) (5 classes) 112563 Mon–Fri Jun 11–15 9 a.m.–noon T1 112564 Mon–Fri Jul 16–20 9 a.m.–noon T4 112565 Mon–Fri Aug 6–10 9 a.m.–noon T3 Traditional Board & Card Games (age 10–16) Give your computer a break! Learn how to play board and card games including Risk, Stratego, Battleship, Monopoly, and more! Pair this camp with Traditional Lawn Games or Discovering Model Trains for a full-day experience. Instructor: Bryan Craddock Fees: $70(R) $90(N) (5 classes) 112566 Mon–Fri Jun11–15 1–4 p.m. T1 112567 Mon–Fri Jul 16–20 1–4 p.m. T4 112568 Mon–Fri Aug 6–10 1–4 p.m. T3 112569 Mon–Fri Aug 13–17 9 a.m.–noon T3 PARENT TIP! You can pair two History & Heritage half day camps to make a full day camp. Don't forget to add lunch supervision! See page 34 for details

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