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5 Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Landscapes from Middle Earth (age 11–15) We'll look at some well-known lands from the Lord of the Rings books to inspire our watercolor paintings—Lothlorien, Gondor, Rivendell, and even the Shire. Instructor: Jill Rinehart Fees: $54(R) $70(N) (3 classes) 116408 Thu Sep 27–Oct 11 5–7 p.m. Watercolor Ways (age 11–15) Examine the ways of watercolor, including color mixing, washes, creating value, and painting techniques. Bring it all together in a finished painting. Instructor: Jane Wolfgang Fees: $54(R) $70(N) (3 classes) 116419 Thu Oct 18–Nov 1 6:30–8:30 p.m. Washi Tape Fun (age 11–15) Let's make some awesome crafts with awesome Washi tape. This is an experiment in fun! Instructor: Jane Wolfgang Fees: $29(R) $37(N) (2 classes) 116405 Thu Nov 8–15 6:30–8 p.m. Painting on Silk (age 11–15) Want to try painting on silk? It's a lot of fun! Design and paint your own fashionable scarf to get ready to wear during the fall season. Instructor: Jane Wolfgang Fees: $43(R) $56(N) (3 classes) 116403 Thu Sep 6–20 6:30–8 p.m. A Painting a Day (age 11–15) Learn about color mixing and composition, and practice painting techniques as you create a simple acrylic painting each class. No prior painting experience is needed. All skill levels are welcome. Instructor: Jane Wolfgang Fees: $20(R) $26(N) (1 class) FAREWELL SUMMER SUN Paint an abstract-inspired sun to enjoy until the sun returns to our sky next year. 116360 Tue Sep 18 5–7 p.m. DAY OF THE DEAD SKULL Celebrate Día de los Muertos with a skull painting of your own design. 116363 Tue Oct 16 5–7 p.m. GREAT ORANGE PUMPKIN Paint a great pumpkin of your own to enjoy this fall. 117795 Tue Oct 23 5–7 p.m. MIXED MEDIA FALL Capture the rich colors of fall in a mixed media work of art. 116364 Tue Nov 6 5–7 p.m. HOLLY LEAVES Paint simple holly leaves and berries in bold greens and reds. 117796 Thu Dec 6 6–8 p.m. HOLIDAY TREES Tis the season for colorful holiday trees. Paint one for a seasonal decoration or a gift for someone special. 116365 Tue Dec 18 5–7 p.m.

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