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35 PART TWO HALF DAY CAMPS REGISTER ONLINE: Beat-Makers (age 11–14) Produce original beats and songs, learning the basics of music production including selection, arrangement, and loops. Make melodies and chord progressions to create your own sounds and recreate popular songs. Must bring a laptop and set up a SoundTrap account with email. Mon-Fri Aug 15–19 1–4 p.m. T3 000000 Location: The Hive Instructor: Rich Music School Fees: $137(R) $167(N) (5 classes) History & Heritage Hotel Adventure Camp (age 8–11) Do you love staying in hotels on vacation? Do you ever play hotel at home? We'll pretend together that we are running a historical hotel like the Page-Walker, learning about life many years ago and exploring the Page-Walker's story while we craft, play, and make new friends! Mon-Fri Jun 27–Jul 1 1–4 p.m. T1 016446 Mon-Fri Jul 18–22 1–4 p.m. T4 016448 Location: Page-Walker Arts & History Center Instructor: Rebeccah Cope Fees: $107(R) $137(N) (5 classes) Card and Board Games (age 8–12) Put your electronics away and return to when rainy day fun meant board and card games with friends! Each day you'll discover a new game, learning basic gameplay, strategy, and scoring. Then it's time to pair up and play! Campers get a unique camp card game to take home. Mon-Fri Jul 11–15 1–4 p.m. T4 016157 Mon-Fri Jul 18–22 1–4 p.m. T4 016594 Mon-Fri Aug 1–5 1–4 p.m. T3 016158 Location: Page-Walker Arts & History Center Instructor: Ashley Roesch Fees: $65(R) $85(N) (5 classes) NEW! NEW! NEW! Page-Walker Supervised Lunch (age 7–14) Sign up for a morning camp, supervised lunch, and afternoon camp at the Page-Walker Arts & History Center for a full day of fun! Campers must bring their own lunch. Mon-Fri Jun 13–17 noon–1 p.m. T1 016974 Mon-Fri Jul 11–15 noon–1 p.m. T4 016975 Mon-Fri Jul 18–22 noon–1 p.m. T4 016976 Mon-Fri Aug 1–5 noon–1 p.m. T3 016977 Mon-Fri Aug 8–12 noon–1 p.m. T3 016978 Location: Page-Walker Arts & History Center Instructor: Page-Walker Staff Fees: $10(R) $13(N) (5 classes) Town Hall "Camp"us Are you looking for a full-day camp option, but can't find just the right fit at any one facility? Consider making it a full day on the Town Hall Campus! Mix and match a morning and afternoon camp at the Page-Walker Arts & History Center and Herb Young Community Center. Add in Supervised Lunch at the Page-Walker and you've got a full day of fun! We will make sure campers safely reach their afternoon destination each day. For information call the Page- Walker Arts & History Center at (919) 460-4963 or Herb Young Community Center at (919) 460-4965. FUN AT LUNCHTIME! • Feb 28 for Cary residents • March 14 for non-residents That's when registration begins for the next session. Registration remains open until the event is full. See page 63 for complete details and additional information. MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

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