Cary Community Plan 2-23-17 Part 2

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• Challenges and Opportunities • Policy Direction • Transportation Elements and Maps • How We Will Achieve Our Vision • Related Policy Direction in Other Chapters Cary will continue to provide an attractive network of streets and a wide range of functional and well-designed facilities for all mode choices - driving, walking, biking, and transit. This multimodal system will facilitate moving into, out of, and around the community with a design emphasis on people and the human experience. We dedicate Chapter 7 – MOVE – to Town of Cary Transportation and Facilities Director Lori Cove, P. E. As an accomplished engineer, dedicated public servant, and six-time Ironman, no one better understands or appreciates the life-changing opportunities that extraordinary transportation offers to each person in our community. Her hard work will help keep Cary great for generations to come, and her friendship, strength, and inspiration will remain with us always. The wise investments made in transportation infrastructure over the last few decades has created a transportation system that functions for users of all modes - walkers, bikers, drivers, and transit riders. In the future, Cary's transportation system will provide efficient travel for all Cary residents, workers, and visitors. CARY COMMUNITY PLAN 2040 7. MOVE IN THIS CHAPTER: CARY VALUES: An Efficient System for All Users Providing Transportation Choices

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