Cary Community Plan 2-23-17 Part 2

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A rac ve streetscaping is a crucial component in street designs, one that Cary residents take pride in. Streetscaping includes plan ngs in the medians of thoroughfares and collectors and along the sides of streets. These plan ngs enhance the pleasantness and a rac veness of the streets in Cary, providing addi onal green space and beauty throughout the town. Corridors lined with flowers, trees, and bushes enhance the travel experience along those corridors, be it by driving, walking, biking, or by bus. In addi on to street plan ngs, Cary incorporates other streetscaping elements to improve the aesthe c look of the town. Decora ve and pedestrian-focused ligh ng fixtures, brick pavers in sidewalks, benches along sidewalks, a rac ve signs, and a unified aesthe c for other street elements, like waste receptacles and traffic lights are all techniques to beau fy the street. Combined, all of these street elements create a pleasant experience for people traveling around Cary, and enhance the beauty and sense of place within the town. Attractive Streetscaping CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES 217

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