Cary Community Plan 2-23-17 Part 2

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POLICY DIRECTION Policy Policy Intent Policy 5: Minimize Thoroughfare Widths Major streets that are being developed or widened to add additional lanes should be limited to four through lanes, wherever possible. Any expansions beyond this standard should be focused in areas with the highest levels of congestion and critical bottlenecks. • Recognize the public desire to keep most Cary thoroughfares at four through lanes wherever possible. • Help address needs of pedestrians who find crossing smaller streets easier and more comfortable. • Create a more attractive street network by designing thoroughfares that are not excessively wide and feature landscaped medians. Policy 6: Improve Pedestrian and Bicycle Crossings Improve pedestrian and bicycle crossings in commercial areas, across major streets, and where greenways cross streets to build connected bicycle and pedestrian networks that are comfortable for all ages and abilities. • Incorporate pedestrian and bicycle crossing improvements to places that are o en the most challenging for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate and have the most conflict points. •Grade separate pedestrian and bicycle crossings (via bridges or underpasses) along major greenway corridors, where feasible, to provide unimpeded crossings, as envisioned in the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Master Plan. • Continue investment in the bicycle and pedestrian system. Policy 7: Target Transit Investments Target transit investments to support and sustain mobility choice and improve GoCary through increased frequency to major destinations, expanded service to new locations, reliability improvements to reduce travel time, and efficient interconnections with other transit systems throughout the region. • Continue GoCary's rapid growth through wise investments in infrastructure and services. • Add new routes and destinations that respond to the demands of current GoCary riders and that attract new riders to the system. Policy 8: Ensure a Well-Maintained System Ensure a well-maintained transportation system by emphasizing the need to provide adequate funding for system maintenance needs. • Recognize that continued good maintenance is a sound investment policy that yields future benefits. • Improve safety for users by ensuring facilities are well maintained. • Enhance the attractive streetscaping in Cary with ongoing maintenance and care. 219

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