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Traffic Calming Traffic calming describes a range of improvements that reduce traffic speeds and are intended to improve safety for all street users. They are primarily appropriate for local streets not meant for significant through traffic. Traffic calming makes streets more comfortable for pedestrians. The Town of Cary has exis ng policies on traffic calming criteria and guidelines that set up a process for the installa on of traffic calming devices. Trails The most common type of pedestrian facility are sidewalks, and Cary has extensive coverage of sidewalk facili es. In general, Cary collectors and thoroughfares are designed to include five-foot sidewalks on both sides of the street. All sidewalks and crosswalks will be designed according to Americans with Disabili es Act requirements to ensure that all Cary residents can use the facili es, regardless of mobility status. Greenways and street-side trails are other important infrastructure elements for pedestrians. Street crossing treatments, traffic calming in certain loca ons, programs, and policies are all important components of the pedestrian experience in Cary as well. Greenway Trails Greenway Trails are paved mul -use trails separated from the roadway and designed for both bicycling and walking, which conforms to the AASHTO Guidelines for Development of Bicycle Facili es ('AASHTO') and Cary Greenway Construc on Standards. Greenway Trails are o en located along wooded stream corridors. Those within or adjacent to railroad right-of-ways, such as the American Tobacco Trail, are called 'Rail-Trails.' The minimum width is 10 feet but can be increased upwards to accommodate higher user volume and a variety of user types. Detailed design guidance on greenway trails is documented in the Cary Parks, Recrea on, and Cultural Resources Master Plan. Street-side Trails Street-side trails are pedestrian and bicyclist accommoda ons on or adjacent to a roadway where a greenway trail conforming to the standards above is not feasible. Street-side trails may take the form of sidewalks and on-street bicycle facili es or paved mul -use facili es parallel to the roadway. A minimum of 10 feet is recommended. Detailed design guidance on street-side trails is documented in the Cary Parks, Recrea on, and Cultural Resources Master Plan. The Town of Cary generates a traffic calming concept plan for discussion with neighborhoods that are interested in installing traffic calming. PEDESTRIAN ELEMENT PEDESTRIAN ELEMENT 231

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