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Corridors and Growing Areas for Service More Frequent Service and Expanded Service Hours and Days The first opportunity to grow GoCary's ridership is to increase the frequency of service to every 30 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays. Increasing frequency to every 30 minutes gives riders more choice about when to travel and offers riders confidence that missing or skipping a bus does not cost an hour of their me. Currently, some routes have 30-minute service at peak travel mes, but off-peak service and all day service on some routes is at 60-minute frequencies. The change to 30-minute frequencies throughout the day on weekdays and Saturdays will apply to all current routes as well as new routes when they are added to the GoCary system. The second opportunity for addi onal service is to add Sunday service on all routes, which was repeatedly iden fied as a high priority by the public and TAG throughout the Imagine Cary process. Sunday service is planned with the frequency of service every 60 minutes throughout the day. The addi on of Sunday service at 60-minute frequencies is proposed to apply to all current routes as well as new routes when they are added to the GoCary system. The third opportunity for addi onal service in Cary is to increase the span of service hours. Currently, service is provided 16 hours per day, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. A component of the Wake County Transit Plan is to increase the span of service to 20 hours per day, on area transit providers, including GoCary. Increased service hours help riders who have atypical work hours and to help serve more leisure and non-work trips via transit. Together these proposed changes to service span and frequency will be a major increase in convenience and will help GoCary be er serve exis ng riders and a ract new riders. In addi on to more frequent service and expanded span of service, many areas of town that do not currently have service will be targeted for transit service. This proposed geographic expansion is planned to happen through extensions of exis ng routes and adding new routes to service. New geographic service areas and new routes are planned to have the same expanded opera ng services as proposed for the exis ng GoCary routes - 30-minute frequency Monday through Saturday, 60-minute frequency Sunday, and 20 hours of service per day. This ensures a consistent, high-level of service across the GoCary service area and aids in transfers, both within the system and to other service providers. The goal of expanded service to new parts of Cary is to respond to growth already being seen outside of the current GoCary service area and to an cipate future growth expected to occur throughout the Town. New services are planned to connect major residen al developments, major employment clusters, mixed use developments, and commercial development areas. New areas for service include commercial centers such as Parkside Town Commons and Davis Commons. Major residen al areas in west Cary are also targeted including Alston and Amberly. Major des na on centers, such as Wake Community Technical College will have new service. Transit routes will also be provided on several major roads that do not currently have service, including Green Level Church Road, NC 55, Davis Drive, Morrisville Carpenter Road, Cary Parkway, Old Apex Road, and Lake Pine Drive. Some routes will provide linkages outside of Cary to important des na ons, including the neighboring downtowns of Raleigh and Apex, service into Morrisville, and a direct connec on to RDU Airport. CHAPTER 7:MOVE 240

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