Cary Community Plan 2-23-17 Part 2

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• Challenges and Opportunities • Policy Direction • How We Will Achieve Our Vision • Related Policy Direction in Other Chapters Cary will provide comprehensive facilities and utility services to residents, businesses and institutions. Public infrastructure is provided in conjunction with development, coordinated with private investments, and is well-main- tained. Cary strives to be a leader in excellent service and infrastructure provision and remains on the cutting edge of information technology and utilities. While endeavoring to provide services at affordable rates, the Town will implement long-term sustainable prac- tices and solutions to ensure a high quality of life for generations to come. CARY COMMUNITY PLAN 2040 Meeting Community Needs 8. SERVE IN THIS CHAPTER: CARY VALUES: Providing Comprehensive and Top Quality Facilities and Infrastructure Cary will provide high quality public services and customer service that continue the Town's legacy of excellence, in- cluding being one of the safest mid-sized communities in the nation. The Town's quality services yield a clean and attrac- tive community, a reputation for open communication and responsiveness, and a supportive environment for residents and businesses. Providing High Quality Public Services Cary will preserve and protect our environment. This includes being good stewards of our finite natural resources. Paramount is the conservation of water resources and the protection of watersheds, including Jordan Lake, to main- tain a high quality water supply for our future. Respecting Nature and the Environment

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