Cary Community Plan 2-23-17 Part 2

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CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES Future Water and Sewer Needs As the popula on of Cary increases and waste streams change, the Town will need to be able to meet increasing demands on waste collec on services while maintaining a cost-effec ve program. Waste reduc on, compos ng, and recycling are important for reducing demands on waste collec on services and landfill capacity. These ongoing efforts, and others, have resulted in a decrease in waste generated per person since 2006. This has resulted in a landfill waste diversion rate of over 50 percent, including yard waste. In order to balance yearly opera onal costs and support the long term goal of working within our region to ensure a long landfill life, the Town will con nue to focus on recognizing, responding, and adjus ng to change. The Town will also con nue to examine technological and opera onal opportuni es to become more efficient in its solid waste services. Waste Challenges Cary operates the jointly-owned Cary/Apex Water Treatment Facility, supplied with water from Jordan Lake, to serve almost 180,000 people in Cary and Morrisville along with the Wake County por on of Research Triangle Park and RDU Airport. Providing high quality and safe drinking water is one of the Town's important service direc ves. The Town's wastewater is treated at its North and South Cary Water Reclama on Facili es (WRFs), as well as at the Western Wake Regional Water Reclama on Facility co-owned with the Town of Apex. The Town has an extensive reclaimed water system and distributes reclaimed water to businesses and residents near the North and South WRFs, the Wake County por on of Research Triangle Park, and USA Baseball. The Town regularly updates its long range water resources plans and system master plans to ensure adequate infrastructure and capacity for water, wastewater and reclaimed water is in place at the right me. Wise management of the Town's water resources, and working closely with its neighboring communi es, play an increasingly cri cal role in ensuring adequate water resources. This chart displays the maximum day finished water demand forecast for the Towns of Apex, Cary, and Morrisville, plus RDU Airport and RTP South, through 2060. The service area will likely require addi onal water supply and treatment capacity by 2032. MAKE YOUR RECYCLING A FREE THR W It's a team effort to operate a successful recycling program and it starts with you. Never bag your recyclables and always bench unaccepted items like plastic bags and pizza boxes that can send a truckload of quality recyclables to the landfill. Be a team player and remember to keep it loose in the cart. For a list of items you can toss in, search "Recycling" at KEEP IT LOOSE IN THE CART (919) 469-4090 The Town of Cary offers many opportuni es to compost and recycle materials. The Town provides residen al curbside collec on for a wide assortment of recyclable materials, and helps educate the public about compos ng and recycling 95th Percentile Historic Finished Water Demand Cary/Apex WTP Capacity Maximum Day Demand (mgd) Baseline Finished Water Demand Projection (Median) 75th Percentile 50th Percentile 25th Percentile 5th Percentile 247 Maximum Daily Finished Water Demand Forecast

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