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CHAPTER 8:SERVE Policy Policy Intent Policy 1: Provide Services and Facilities for Current and Future Generations That Balance High Quality and Affordability Provide public services, utilities, and facilities that meet the short-term and long-term needs of residents and businesses, while remaining responsible to the environment. Balance high quality and affordability of service. The intent of this policy is to maintain a balance of high quality and affordability in providing public facilities and services to members of the community today, while ensuring that resources and services will be available to a growing regional population. Services and infrastructure will support development; however, development patterns should help to ensure high quality provision of services. Development patterns should support infill, redevelopment, compact development and traditional development. Town buildings will be constructed to be high- performing "green" buildings, with a commitment to lifecycle costing, energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction. Policy 2: Provide Safe, Reliable Water and Wastewater Service Prepare for future population increases by maintaining and adding to Cary's foundation of sustainable water and sewer services. Continue to provide reliable services, protect and maintain high quality drinking water and wastewater infrastructure. Continue to maintain high quality reclaimed system and water conservation programming. The intent of this policy is to proactively address the issue of water and wastewater service provision, which will be affected by growing populations, redevelopment and infrastructure needs, and volatile weather patterns that will subject the region to threats like flooding and droughts. Water is becoming a regional issue and inter-jurisdictional coordination is necessary to maintain adequate service while reducing risk. In order to protect Jordan Lake and other water sources, the Town will continue to foster collaboration between regional partners. Policy 3: Encourage Environmentally Responsible Stormwater Management Support initiatives that encourage environmentally responsible stormwater management by addressing floodplain management, watershed protection, control of illegal discharges and sediment erosion. The intent of this policy is to address storm events and water quality using educational and regulatory initiatives, and public infrastructure, that enhance the community. These methods will manage nitrogen and phosphorous loads and other runoff pollutants in Cary's streams, and protect the water quality of Jordan Lake. The Town will also continue to meet or exceed N.C. Division of Water Resources rules for controlling nitrogen runoff in the Neuse River basin and the Cape Fear River Basin and meet stormwater regulations of the Federal Clean Water Act. In order to protect properties from the threat of flooding and erosion, the Town will continue to provide guidance to citizens with drainage issues. The Town will continue to protect water quality and flooding risk through development regulations including watershed protection overlays, nutrient control, erosion and sediment control, floodplain management, urban transition buffers, and other tools. Additionally, use of decentralized green infrastructure as part of streets and other public infrastructure will be explored and implemented where effective. In order to respond to the challenges and opportuni es for Cary's public services, and to provide reliable, affordable, and excellent services and facili es to the community in a way that protects the environment and an cipates growth and changes occurring throughout the region, the Town's public facili es and services policies are: POLICY DIRECTION 250

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