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259 surrogate) for each performance indicator against which to measure progress over me. Baselines can be established by using professional accredita on standards, through the use of community surveys, etc. The Comprehensive Plan Implementa on team assembled to develop the priori zed ac on implementa on plan and schedule should also develop a set of performance indicators by which to measure the Plan's effec veness over me; then proceed as necessary to establish baseline measures and determine goals/targets. Measurements should be evaluated over me to determine whether plan policies and ini a ves are having the desired effect. An analysis could be included as part of the annual implementa on status report, making it a combined system of repor ng to elected officials and the community. Amending the Plan From me to me, it will be necessary to amend the Cary Community Plan to address condi ons that could not have been an cipated during the planning process. The Town's Land Development Ordinance, at present, sets out the specific procedures for amending the plan, which currently includes two public hearings before the Town Council and Planning and Zoning Board, and concludes with a vote by the Town Council. According to Cary's Land Development Ordinance, at present, proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan shall be evaluated based upon whether the amendment is necessary in order to address condi ons including, but not limited to, the following: (1) A change in projec ons or assump ons from those on which the Comprehensive Plan is based; (2) Iden fica on of new issues, needs, or opportuni es that are not adequately addressed in the Comprehensive Plan; (3) A change in the policies, objec ves, principles, or standards governing the physical development of the Town or any other geographic areas addressed by the Comprehensive Plan; or (4) Iden fica on of errors or omissions in the Comprehensive Plan One of the benefits of the Future Growth Framework in this Cary Community Plan is that it provides guidance about the general character of development and allows for a variety of uses in most categories. This will serve to provide a flexible land development framework that will support redevelopment efforts, while also providing clear direc on regarding the vision for different areas of the Town. This flexible approach will likely result in a minimal number of comprehensive plan amendments, reducing me spent on making minor adjustments to the plan.

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