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Recrea on Facili es: Public or private spaces designated for recrea onal use and enjoyment, such as basketball and tennis courts. Redevelopment Corridors: A linear, con guous strip of land designated for revitaliza on or other physical changes aimed at improving appearance and value. Redevelopment: Any proposed expansion, addi on, renova on, or major change to an exis ng building, structure, or aspect of development. Regional Commuters: Persons traveling between two dis nct regions, such as from the suburb to the city center, typically between their place of residence and place of work. Retrofi ng: To improve or reconstruct an exis ng facility with the intent of bringing it into compliance (or where that is not feasible, more nearly into compliance) with modern standards for such facili es. Ridership: The number of passengers using a par cular form of public transporta on. Right-of Way: An area owned or maintained by the Town, the State of North Carolina, a public u lity, a railroad, or a private concern for the placement of such u li es and/or facili es for the passage of vehicles or pedestrians, including roads, pedestrian walkways, u li es, or railroads. Runoff: That por on of the precipita on from a drainage area or watershed that is discharged from the area in stream channels or by overland flow; types include surface runoff, groundwater runoff, or seepage. O en carries pollutants from surface over which it flows downstream into water bodies. Single-family Housing: Any development where: (1) no building contains more than one dwelling unit, (2) every dwelling unit is on a separate lot, and (3) where no lot contains more than one dwelling unit. Site Circula on: The internal and external pa erns of connec on and movement for pedestrian, vehicular, and bicycle transporta on systems. Smart Grid: An electricity supply network that uses digital communica ons technology to detect and react to local changes in usage. Smart Meters: An Internet-capable device that measures energy, water or natural gas consump on of a building or home. Solar Shading: The extent of the shadow cast by large buildings on smaller adjacent buildings. Stepping Down: Gradually reducing density along a transect to ensure the compa bility of adjacent uses. Stormwater Reten on: The permanent on-site maintenance of stormwater, usually in a natural or man-made pond. Stormwater: The flow of water which results from a rainfall event. Stream Buffers: The area of natural or planted vegeta on through which stormwater runoff flows in a diffuse manner so that the runoff does not become channelized and which provides for infiltra on of the runoff and filtering of pollutants, The buffer is measured landward from the normal pool eleva on of impounded structures and from the bank of each side of streams, rivers, or lakes. Street Crossing Treatments: Any change to design, layout, or technology, which improves the safety of bikers and pedestrians crossing a given intersec on. Street Orienta ons: The physical design and direc on of building facades in rela on to the street. Streetscapes: A design term referring to all the elements that cons tute the physical makeup of a street and that, as a group, define its character, including building frontage, street paving, street furniture, landscaping, including trees and other plan ngs, awnings and marquees, signs, and ligh ng. Strip Development: Commercial, retail, or industrial development, usually one lot deep, that fronts on a major street. These developments typically have a parking lot in front of the store fronts. Structured Parking Decks: Mul -storied parking features. Suburbaniza on: The low- to medium-intensity development pa erns which surround the downtown or other more intense, urban areas of the city. Swale and Ditch: A broad man-made depression, running parallel to the right-of-way, between the pavement and the sidewalks for containing storm runoff from streets. Telecommu ng: The reloca on of work ac vi es to a home or satellite work site to eliminate or reduce the distance traveled for commu ng. CHAPTER 10:APPENDIX 280

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