2015 4th Quarter Report

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OPERATIONS Median Plantings Around Town Chapel Hill Road Walnut Street/Holly Springs Road Green Level Church Road This planting cost $35,575 and took a total of 612 staff hours to complete. This planting cost $35,210 and took a total of 686 staff hours to complete. This planting cost $26,659 and took a total of 453 staff hours to complete. Leaf Collection The types of plants you'll see in the medians along Chapel Hill Road includes: Carissa Holly and Staybrook Junipers along Green Level Church Road; Biloxi Crepe Myrtle and Dwarf Yaupon along Holly Springs Road; and Knock Out Rose and Olivia Indian Hawthorne. The Town's Loose Leaf Collection Program runs from November 9, 2015 through January 24, 2016. The Town collects leaves three times from each street at no charge to citizens. The chart to the right represents the leaf tonnage totals through Week 9 for the past three fiscal years. Tonnage Totals thru Week 9 Solid Waste Collection The three charts represents a four calendar year comparison by material collected. As you can see, both solid waste and yard waste are continuing to increase. Recycling has somewhat flattened out, but this could be attributed to the makeup of the recycling stream and a result from this summer's educational campaign that encouraged citizens to only recycle materials that are accepted in the Cary Recycles Program. Total Waste Tonnage DID YOU KNOW? Tons Tons

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